Creative Solutions was established in 2002 and operates in the sector of lighting and construction, providing specialized solutions by exploitation of advanced materials and technologies.


Fiber optics and LEDs in lighting, Grc (Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete) and Stretched ceilings in interior and exterior design.


In Creative Solutions, you may find a specialized consultant and partner in the required study and implementation of:

  • Optical fibres systems, pool lighting (starry sky effect)
  • LED systems,
  • GRC rock compositions,
  • Stretched Ceilings


In every case, our people have the required experience and know – how to maximize the impact of using the most technologically advanced systems in the industry. Furthermore, our company offers guarantees and after sales service upon the project’s fulfillment.


In Creative solutions, each project constitutes a challenge: reaching a unique aesthetic and functional result in making the most out of your “space” requirements . We are looking forward to exploring your own challenge!