Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics are considered as one of the most advanced lighting systems. Their ability to transmit light along their axis, by the process of total internal reflection allows impressive aesthetic results.

The main attributes of fiber optics include low consumption, ease of maintenance, lack of UV radiation (which makes them ideal for lighting of sensitive items like paintings, jewelry, etc), as well as security in creation of lighting effects with liquid elements (due to the fact that fiber optics as application transmit light and not electricity).

When considering of utilizing the optical fibres technology it is essential to carry out a lighting study from the very first construction phases. In most cases, employment of optical fibres applications prerequisites special study in the construction development, so as to assure that the cable systems and the required applications will be covered efficiently by using certain types of appropriate surfaces (floating screed, membrane roof).

Among other significant advantages of using fiber optics technologies, one is the flexibility in adjusting the optical effect results according to the special requirements of the space/construction, only by utilizing additional accessories like spots, crystals, lenses or other decorative elements which can be attached on the ending of the optical fibres.